I feel that God has blessed me with so much throughout my life and my children are no exception. My youngest son has ADHD, separation anxiety, developmental delays including some sensory issues and I would like to share information about this disorder and how it affects children, adults and families.

We are currently undergoing additional testing to make sure that we are getting him the best help we can get him. As of right now: he wears glasses, attends behavioral therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy.

I have just started sharing information I have learned through being a mommy to a child with special needs recently but I expect this page to grow with information and references quickly. I have started an Amazon Store that has a list of several products that can help children in their daily lives that live with ADHD and other special needs.

I am also considering starting a Facebook group for parents of special needs children that live in the Colorado area. I was and still actively talk to a group that I was apart of in Florida and think that it would be great to connect with families that are looking for support. In the Florida group, we discuss treatments, medications, doctors and just reach out for prayers and support. What do you think? Would you be interested? or know someone who might be interested in joining an online support Facebook group?

If you have suggestions for more items added to the store or would like to see me write specifically about something please comment on this page or through my Facebook page 

Here are my posts regarding ADHD that you might be interested in reading:

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