Menus and Recipes

Menu Plan Mondays:

Here are my weekly Menu plans. Please feel free to look them over, try them out, give me some suggestions or share with your friends and family. I am always looking for new recipes and would love to hear about your favorites. I utilize my crockpot a lot! We are that crazy family always on the run so it helps us stay on a healthier but delicious diet. If you are searching for recipes for Feasts throughout the Liturgical year check out the date of feast day below or find a specific post under Liturgical Celebrations

Spring Time Menus:

Summer Time Menus:

June 27- July 3

Winter Time Menus:


I am always looking for a fun healthy eating challenge. Do you have something you would like to challenge me to try? Maybe a week or month challenge? I love having people to participate with because it holds me accountable and it's just more fun with friends!

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