Saturday, July 14, 2012

Indian Temple Mound

Today we made our first visit to the local Indian Temple Mound in honor of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha. The Mound was built sometime around 700AD has been restored and turned into a museum for people to come and learn about the earliest civilizations that lived in our local area. It was fun to show the boys the simple way of life the Indians were accustomed. There were several exhibits that displayed different time periods before and after Explorers and Pirates began to influence the culture of the Indians. There was even information on Billy Bowlegs and how the festival began. You can not actually walk onto the ground where the temple is built because it is so old so you stand and look at it from a pavilion that holds several posts with information about what the temple was used for and traditions of the Indian tribes.

We even got an added bonus of visiting a Civil War Exhibit, Garnier Post Office and Camp Walton Schoolhouse. Apparently it is an all inclusive look into the past with the purchase of your admission to the Temple Mound! What a deal... it only cost $8 for me and the boys!!! I highly suggest taking advantage of such a great and fun opportunity to educate yourself and your children.
The museums were full of hands on activities such as weaving with reeds. I wish we could have stayed all day but an hour was about all Squishy could handle. He is going through the Terrific Twos and teething really bad right now.
Inside the Civil War Exhibit there were old fashioned Confederate flags, uniforms and weapons. Little Man was most mesmerized by the cannons and wanted to find a canon ball so badly. It was so cute but I am glad there were no balls to be found
The Camp Walton School House was a working school from around 1912-1936 for grades 1st-8th. It has been restored and still holds several of the original desks that were used by its students so many years ago. I loved that the desks held small chalk boards with vintage chalk. Little Man and Squishy both enjoyed sitting back in the past and writing with the chalk boards. They looked so sweet "pretending" to be back in school. Little Man is so ready for this upcoming school year to start. And Squishy just wants to be like big brother!

The first thing to catch Little Man's eye was an old checkered board. I wish I could have gotten a picture of him setting up the game board but Squishy was ready to head home. It was past nap time and everyone at the museum knew it!  Although the visit was cut shorter than I had hoped, it was an awesome experience and the perfect activity to celebrate Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks! It was so eye-opening to see all the richness of life and the advancements we have made throughout history. There are several other family field trips I am hoping to coordinate before the big move!

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