Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nemo and Little Man's Adventures

Nemo is Little Man's class pet from school. I think this idea is so incredibly cute. Nemo came home with Little Man this past Thursday. Nemo came in a travel bag with a Journal to record all the adventures he goes on with our family. It is encouraged that the kids take photos along the journey and draw pictures in the journal for them to discuss with the class. I will also write a brief description of our fun filled weekend for the teacher to read to the class. To be honest, I had no clue that Nemo would be coming until Little Man was attempting to bring an extra backpack home from school. Thankfully I was able to throw together a special "Welcome Nemo" dinner complete with Sparkling apple juice. I love how the little things can make my boys so happy. Little Man had a blast making sure Nemo had a wonderful dinner and making sure our dinner guest was comfortable. We ended our night by watching The Lorax together snuggled on the couch.

On Friday, Little Man was invited to a sleepover at his friends house all by himself! I think it was the first time he has stayed the night at anyone.s house without me or Squishy and he was thrilled. Little Man's friend doesn't attend the same school as Little Man but had also completed a weekend with his class pet, Buddy the Beaver, just a few weeks ago and welcomed Nemo with open arms. Both boys are the biggest Scooby Doo fans of their generation, so they had a Scooby Doo party with cartoons, pajamas and Scooby snacks. Nemo loved cuddling with the Mystery Machine pillows and blankets. I wasn't there to witness the craziness that evening but I heard everyone passed out from all the singing and dancing. 

Even though Friday was full of adventure, Saturday was even better! I met Little Man and his friend at the local skating rink. This was the first time I have skated since Middle School and a first for both of the kids! I have to admit I was impressed with how quickly the kids caught on to skating. I consider my boys to be quite clumsy, just like their mother, but they had amazing coordination on the roller skates. They used the side walls at the beginning but after 30 minutes Little Man was skating around the rink all by himself! Squishy was chasing after his big brother too! It was so adorable and we didn't forget Nemo either! He was a natural at skating too :)

We skated for a couple hours and then loaded everyone in the car to take a quick nap. We didn't drive out of the parking lot before everyone was fast asleep. We stopped by the house and packed their overnight bag before heading off to take the boys to my sister's house for their sleepover with her. I have been trying to work a couple evening shifts on the weekends and the boys love getting special time with their Aunt! I snapped a quick pick of the kids asleep on the couch and the dog watching Nemo while they were sleeping.

Sunday we picked up the boys and went to Mass. We did not bring Nemo to church because the boys do not like to be quiet when they have distractions with them. Instead we took Nemo on one last adventure at Turkey Creek and showed him the beautiful nature trail. It was an extremely busy weekend! Now I am printing pictures from the computer to add to Nemo's travel journal and preparing a short summary of the weekend. I wonder if it would be acceptable to just a copy a link to my blog? :)

Little Man was so glad that he was able to take Nemo to meet his friends and family and have some amazing adventures everyday. I am so grateful he has a great teacher that makes learning and experiencing life fun. We are still experiencing a lot of changes in our daily lives and it looks like we are getting back into a good routine and possibly moving into a larger place. Yay! Please keep us in your prayers as we continue on our journey.

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