Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Knights and Princess

Monday, April 23rd, is the Feast Day of Saint George the Dragon Slayer! April 23rd is also the day William Shakespeare was born and died. So naturally this is a great day to celebrate England and its beautiful culture! Saint George's Day for England is like Saint Patrick's Day for Ireland. I think this Feast Day is going to turn into a favorite for the boys this year. I would like to make them knight costumes out of pillow cases and draw St. George's Cross on to the front of their armor. I still need to find some place to either find a shield, sword and/ or helmet. I am even going to dress up like a princess and let my boys rescue me. :o) In addition to dressing up I already checked out Saint George and the Dragon from the library and I am hoping that the movie I ordered from Netflix, George and the Dragon will arrive on time (fingers crossed). For dinner I am making a British meal of Fish and Chips! I would LOVE to attempt a Dragon cake but I think I would need a practice run first. Instead I am thinking cupcakes with St. George Crosses or Dragon toy figurines as toppers. I really would like to try to make scones and have an afternoon tea as snack during story time but I do have a bunch of boys, I may just have a tea party for one. For more information on how the British celebrate their patron saint check out this website here. Those are my plans and the start of my preparations for this day. Are there any special customs that anyone else may know about that would be fun to incorporate?
Cross of Saint George
I would really like to incorporate Shakespeare into today as well but I don't really know anything besides Gnomeo and Juliet to be an age appropriate version of a Shakespearean play. Well I guess I have a little more planning to do on this subject. Maybe I could continue this celebration into the next day is necessary.

Below are some other days we will be doing special crafts, snacks, stories etc. Although I have not worked out solid plans for any of these days yet. Any Suggestions?
Normally celebrated on April 29th but it falls on a Sunday this year.

The Liturgical Year is so fun to celebrate! Especially since my boys are starting to understand more concepts about their faith. I would really like to get any suggestions or feedback on some good traditions for any of these days.

**On a side note I wish the United States celebrated the Immaculate Conception since Mary is our Patron Saint. People celebrate Saint Patrick's Day and Saint Valentine's Day (most in a commercialised way) but we should embrace our Patron Saint as well.

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