Thursday, June 6, 2013

Saint Boniface

You will have to forgive me for the lack of pictures I have to offer on the next few posts. I am using the blogger app on my phone and it isn't exactly picture friendly. Anyway...
Yesterday was the Feast of Saint Boniface and in honor of the patron saint of Germany I made German Goulash served on noodles and sourdough bread. I have to admit that the Goulash recipe I used was not amazing but everyone ate it with no complaints. Next year we will find a new recipe or try a different dish all together. We also made German cut out cookies. They are very similar to sugar cookies and of course were a huge hit with the kids. They didn't even mind they were a tad bit burnt on the bottom.
Saint Boniface is an awe inspiring saint who spent his life converting pagans. In one story Saint Boniface saved a boy from becoming a sacrifice by destroying the Oak tree the pagans used in their ritual with one hit with his staff. The instance the tree was hit a huge wind blew the Oak tree over and its wood was used to build a chapel. Saint Boniface then told the pagans to use a Fir Tree as a symbol of Christ. Its evergreen leaves point to heaven and it should a symbol of love and gifts of kindness.
I am still working a lot and I need to get more organized for these feast days to include more coloring pages and crafts. I was brainstorming about a few traditions that would be fun to incorporate on this day, such as picking out the new Christmas ornament that will adorn our Christmas tree this year. I thought it would be great to incorporate a tradition to tie into the Christmas tree story. What are your thoughts?
You can also check out my previous post on Saint Boniface from last year. We made a delicious German chocolate cake that I wish I would have made it again this year! It was amazing. Also adding a bottle of German wine would have completed the celebration.
Saint Boniface, pray for us!

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