Sunday, October 23, 2016

Autumn Hometown Hunt: Diana's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

Our family has thoroughly enjoyed the variety of family fun activities that are available to us in this amazing place we call home. It just wouldn't be Autumn without a trip to a Pumpkin Patch! Living in a state that has many farms, there were a lot of locations to chose from. Originally, when I created the Colorado Autumn Bucket List we thought Anderson's Farms would be a great location but I did not look to see how far of a drive it was at first. We picked a farm that was not necessarily closer but allowed us to avoid tons of traffic. Diana's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze did not disappoint!

Once we arrived, we had to take your typical family picture together. I sometimes forget how hard it is to get a good picture of us all together, smiling and looking at the camera at the same time! I really like how cute this picture turned out. 

I don't know if you can really see that we are all wearing matching shirts but we are! I am "that mom" and I love dressing my family alike and having my boys were similar and/or matching outfits during special events. I honestly don't know why seeing us dressed accordingly brings me so much joy but it truly does and thank goodness my boys have accepted it and don't put up to much of a fight when I set out the outfits.

I LOVED that Diana's Pumpkin patch offered this adorable photo opportunity with their "How Tall this Fall" sign. It is crazy to me that these two boys were once so little they were inside my belly! Look at them! Both over 4 feet tall! I think the backdrop of the corn stalks made this even better because you can see how tall those amazing things get too.

We are Florida natives and we are accustomed to playing in the white sand beaches often. This wondrous corn bin was more exciting than any sand pit my boys have ever played in before. Little Man and Goalie both took turns burying each other and making corn angels as Goalie called it.  

My husband is a big kid at heart and thought that the corn bin looked like too much fun for him to not join in! He took his boots off and jumped into the corn bin and the boys instantly started to bury him. I am so glad that everyone enjoyed themselves. Plus the nice shade from the covering was a welcomed break from the sun. 

When we decided to purchase a few drinks to calm every one's thirst I noticed a sign for Boy Scout patches. We just recently joined the Boy Scouts as a family this past year and we have had a blast so far! I couldn't pass up the chance to but these for my boys. It took us about an hour to complete the corn maze This small patch will be something that will remind my boys of the awesome time we had together as a family and make them just a little bit more proud to be a Scout!

Here's a few more pictures of our experience on the farm at Diana's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze:

Rubber Duckie Race

My Little Pumpkin Patch! 

One of the best things about Diana's Pumpkin Patch is that the price of admission includes all the great activities AND a pumpkin! We walked through the Corn Maze, took a Hay Ride, played in the corn bin and tried out the other play areas throughout the farm. 

Here are our perfect pumpkins! My boys watched The Great Pumpkin for the first time and that is all the boy's spoke about while we were searching through the patch for our pumpkins. You have to have the perfect pumpkin to carve a great Jack O' Lantern. 

This last picture is what I live for! My sweet boys had such a blast at the pumpkin patch and devoured their caramel apples so fast that they just passed out in the Jeep! Remember your children won't stay small forever so give them an extra hug and kiss while you can. I know mine are getting tons! I hope that you and your family are enjoying Autumn and making memories. If you are in Colorado, I highly suggest taking the drive to Diana's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze!

God Bless!

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