Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

I am so excited to be writing this post about SAINT Kateri! Last year I was writing about Blessed Kateri, what an amazing opportunity to share how this amazing this new saint is and share how she has made an impact in my life in the short time I have been praying for her intercession in my life and my children's. There were a couple fun ideas and crafts I described before but I would love any new suggestions or ideas! Last year we made sand art and colored from Holy Heroes free coloring book they offered. If you have a chance you should check out their website and purchase their Glory Stories CD about Saint Kateri. It is amazing and people of all ages will appreciate it! The CD even includes an interview of the little boy whose miraculous recovery in 2006 helped pave the way to Kateri's sainthood!

My plans for Saint Kateri's first year as a saint were postponed. I really wanted to make a visit to the Indian Temple Mound nearby on Saint Kateri's feast day but they are not open Sundays. Instead, I felt it would be very appropriate to spend some time outdoors with the boys. We are still having some difficult times and I feel so much more at peace hearing the soft sounds of birds, the gentle whisper of the wind and the grand beauty that the world offers us. God has bestowed a vast world for us to enjoy and Saint Kateri was very aware of this. I have started running and praying quite often to help me cope with my current circumstances and I have asked Saint Kateri to intercede and pray for me and my family. I can honestly say that the quite time I spend running and praying has helped me exponentially. I have Saint Kateri to thank for that I am sure. Praying outside is something I think everyone should do. I have fallen in love with the closeness and personal feelings that accompany it. I am thinking of creating a rosary garden including statues of Mary but also Saint Kateri, she is the patroness of ecology after all :o) And she also made her First Communion on the Feast of the Annunciation.

There is a Nation Shrine in Saint Kateri's name that I hope to one day visit! Until then I will continue with my small outdoor prayer time in her honor. Below is a picture of me and my children enjoying homemade lunchables and praying the Litany of Kateri and the rosary this past Sunday. It was so peaceful and I think the boys enjoyed it too.

St. Kateri, Star of Native People and Bright Light for all! We thank God for your heroic courage, constant perseverance and deep love of the Cross. Pray for us that our love for Christ may deepen. And may we imitate you in following God's Will even when difficulties arise. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen

Saint Kateri, pray for us!


  1. Beautiful post, how I love Saint Kateri and her faithand devotion.

    1. Thank you Catherine! I just incorporated my old blog into this one and just saw this comment. So sorry for such a long delay in response.