Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#WorthRevisit: Money Saving Phone Apps

The New Year is right around the corner! With that in mind, I have been focusing on what I want out of this new year and how I can accomplish it. Financial stability is something I have been attempting to achieve for the past several years and I have finally started making headway. These apps I have used for close to a year and I am very happy with the results of my savings adventure. You are still able to use coupons and capitalize on the great sales and then be rewarded with these cash-back options. You will hopefully be pleasantly surprised with some of the exciting plans I have for my blog this upcoming New Year. This is my post I am sharing with Reconciled to You and Theology is a Verb for the #WorthRevisit:

Money Saving Phone Apps

With the season of Lent, I often think back to New Years when I create New Years Resolutions. One of my New Years Resolutions was to save more money on my families budget... especially groceries, clothes and our entertainment. In my quest to become a savvy saver, I have found many phone apps that assist me with my goal!

SavingStar:  I love this app! It has many cash back options on not only grocery items for a family household but hygiene and cleaning products too. Sometimes it can take a while to get your receipts processed but SavingStar offers a weekly HEALTHY OFFER and FREEBIES! Once you reach a $5 balance you can have the money transferred into your PayPal account! Another cool aspect is that you can link your loyalty cards to your SavingStar account.

MobiSave: This is the easiest app to use because once you claim a cash back offer and it is approved, the money is automatically transferred into your PayPal account no matter how small the rebate! Instant gratification always makes me motivated...especially when it comes to saving money! Please use my Promo Code when you sign up! The Promo Code is: LOASXCTS

Ibotta: This app has the greatest assortment of cash back items available at a time. It also includes... WINE! One of the coolest ways to make money from this sight is to collect bonuses by referring friends and creating a team. The site has monthly team challenge bonuses that you receive when you claim a certain number of rebates or reach a set monetary amount for the month! If you click the link and join you will be joining my team and they offer a signup bonus too! You get a $10 bonus for joining my team! In addition to team bonuses, you can reach other bonuses with purchasing similar products or purchasing the same item several times throughout a period of time. This was one of the first Cash Back apps I tried and I am hooked!

Checkout 51: This is similar to MobiSave except you must reach a $20 savings balance before you can redeem your cash back. Although it is hard to wait, having an extra $20 to spend on whatever you want is really nice! You also have to save the products to your MobiSave account prior to purchasing them to be able to redeem the offers.

Receipt Hog: This is the easiest way to make some extra money! All you do is take a picture of your receipts from shopping, eating out, even getting gas! After you take a picture of your receipt you are given either coins or a chance to play the "Hog Slots". Once you reach a certain number of coins you can redeem either an Amazon or PayPal credit! Every receipt also enters you into a monthly drawing to win even more money!

Find&SaveThis app I just found about a month ago and I already have received over $25 in "Cash Dash" Money! Look through the Cash Dash Offers and you will see that you get money just because you spent it! For example, I went grocery shopping at Safeway and I selected an offer for money back on my Safeway receipt. The requirements were that I needed to spend at least $75 and I could receive 3% of my total receipt back! This app does have a $25 cash out requirement but unlike several of the other money saving sites, they will automatically transfer the money into PayPal when you reach the finish line! My SHARE CODE for this site is 65JF

BerryCart: I highly recommend this site to those who have strict dietary needs or purchase grocery items that are Non-GMO, Vegan and Organic products! As I mentioned before, my family and I like to use "healthier" items when they are available and not too pricey, so this app helps me out a lot! My youngest son is also ADHD and products with red and blue dyes affect his behavior so sometimes these types of products are a necessity for me as well. 

FavadoI use this app to create my weekly meal plan and grocery list! It contains the weekly ads to all my favorite shopping locations and even tells me when there is a coupon available to help me save even more on the great deals that are being offered for the week. I am not a great coupons so having the app tell me there is one available, I can normally print it off or from the store website. Knowing is half the battle!

ShopmiumI actually just found this app by a referral and I have not had a chance to use the app yet so I will have to come back with my observations a little later. If you are interested in trying this out please use the REFERRAL CODE: KMCCCYMU to receive a FREE LINDT CHOCOLATE BAR :)

Shrink: This is similar to BerryCart but is offers a larger variety of healthy and unique product rebates! They offer a signup bonus that is equivalent to $1 (1,000 Shrink points). This app works like Receipt Hog, except you gain Shrink points instead of coins, and they are redeemed for cash back or you can claim cash back with the listed products as well! Please use the REFERRAL CODE: MXJXMX to receive your first 1,000 Shrink points!

I know there is A LOT of information here but I hope it helps you put a little more money back into your pockets :) There are other ways I use my phone to help me save and earn money but I'll save that for another time. 

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