Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Workout, New Menu, New Me!

At the beginning of the week I began a new workout routine similar to the routine I used 4 years ago to lose 30 pounds. I am sad to say that I have regained that weight back due to my inability  lack of desire to run in cold weather and being terified of driving in snow and not to mention I have been slacking enormously in my diet throughout Advent until now. When I am healthier, I am happier and more productive. I am all about working as a group and encouraging each other to make good decisions on workouts and family menus! Please join me on my journey back to a healthier lifestyle!

Here are the workout guidelines I intend to follow to achieve a healthier me:

*Workouts will last at least an hour and will include stretching, warm ups and cool downs.
* I will utilize my Nike plus, iFit and myPATH apps to track and motivate me in my progress.
* I will workout 6 times a week
*Register for some family 5Ks and other events.

 I actually just registered the WHOLE family for the 5K listed above! It will be the first time we've run a 5K as a family :) Little Man ran in a Color Run with me about a year ago and he was ready to try another. You can't beat $10 adult tickets and children 12 and under are FREE!

Monday: Cardio training
Tuesday: Chest and Tricept workout with light Cardio
Wednesday: Cardio training
Thursday: Back and Bicept workout with light Cardio
Friday: Cardio training
Saturday: Leg and shoulder workout and NO CARDIO
Sunday: REST

In my efforts to be organized and frugal, I plan our family dinners a week at a time. I have revamped our dinners this week to be more clean eating. I have written an example of a weekly menu below:

Monday: Italian Spaghetti Squash: Turkey sausage links with onion, red pepper, green pepper, onion and mushrooms tossed in spaghetti squash and tomato basil sauce.

Tuesday: Healthy Ham Casserole: Diced Ham (Leftover from Easter), green beans, celery, onion and potato drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and seasoning (garlic and pepper).

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken Salad.. NO Dressing

Thursday: Leftover Night!

Friday: Fresh Veggie Pizza with thin crust

Saturday: Ground Turkey Fried Rice

Sunday: Paleo Shepherd's Pie: I use ground turkey and sweet potato to make it more healthy.

In addition to making our meals with more clean eating foods, I will be following the guidelines below to help me stay on track dietarily.

*Drink only water! With all the cardio workouts (that stimulate metabolism and forces you to eliminate water from the body) you need it and it is NEVER a good idea to drink your calories often. Plus fruit infused water tastes so good :)
* Eat smaller portion sizes but more often throughout the day.

My husband and I are even considering trying out a challenge to be Vegan for a week!

My whole family is always up to a challenge and we love to try new things. If you have ideas, comments or suggestions I would LOVE to hear them!

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