Thursday, March 17, 2016

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

I came across a really beautiful blog called Like Mother Like Daughter and I fell in love with a posting they do on Thursdays called {pretty, happy, funny, real}. This will be my first post so I am sure I will need some practice but here I go!


Thanks to my Spring Cleaning through Lent, I shortened our big family table to create more space in our dining room. I think this room is finally coming together!


I gave up Facebook as a penance during Lent but my husband was sent this photo because it has been a year since I ran in the Color Run. This was actually the last 5k I ran before leaving Florida ad it reminded me about how happy I was while competing. I have decided its time to add some races to my calendar!


It was "Crazy Sock Day" at Goalie's preschool and how could I say no to his request to wear my bright orange popsicle socks? I especially love how he decided to wear them over his jeans because we got a light dusting of snow and he wanted to make sure everyone could see his CrAzY socks!

I have been so blessed to be the mom of two amazing boys and the wife to a husband that spoils me. In these blessings I also have two hilarious cats named Lemon and Felix. Lemon got a strong wifi of Little Man's football gear and she couldn't stop making these hilarious faces and licking her face! Maybe the football field is covered in cat nip? Who knows? But everyone in the house has fully enjoyed the cat's reactions to us after we return from the football field. 


That is the real Death Star on the wall of the boy's Star Wars Room :)
At least that is what they will tell you. They updated their bedrooms from Angry Birds to Star Wars... they are growing up so fast!

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