Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Goodbye Colorado

It looks like my family is being called to another adventure. We just moved to Colorado this past October so I am not excited about packing up our things and relocating to the MidWest but I am excited about making new memories in a new place. Please keep us in your prayers as we quickly pack and move to our new home in our new city. I decided that I would compile some pictures of our short time here so I can relive some fun adventures and see that we made the most of our short time here. Colorado is a beautiful state and we will be here again some day :)

February Snow Storm:
We have always lived by the water and got to experience SNOW for the first time! It was incredible! We had a snow ball fight, made snow angels and ran through the snow as it fell on us :)

The Love of my Life
Walking to the grocery store

Garden of the Gods (Siamese Twin):
One of several beautiful areas to hike at the Garden of the Gods

Red Rock Canyon:
Amazing place near Manitou Springs! I wish we could have gone here a few more times. Maybe I can sneak in a trip before we are officially gone?

Noon Years Eve at the Olympic Training Center:
This was such a neat event that allowed the boys to celebrate New Years but it began at noon versus midnight and was such a memorable day!

Polar Express at Castle Rock:
There is a smaller town outside of where we live called Castle Rock and they hosted many family friendly events and we attended their Polar Express Festival in December! We got to ride the Polar Express and took a carriage ride as a family through a beautifully lit downtown area. I think this was one of my most favorite adventures.

Manitou Incline:
Also known as the stairway to heaven. This is a difficult hike but it was so much fun! Everyone was sore for days after we climbed to the top of the Manitou Incline. Both of my boys got so many high-fives and other acclamations from the older hikers.

View from the Top
We Made it!
Lord, I pray that you keep my family safe during our relocation and help us to stay on the path you have chosen for us. Guide us to where we are meant to be as a family and as individuals.

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