Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Sunday Best: God Loves My Clothes

August is in full swing. Today is Sunday and officially ends the amazing relaxing summer for me. I am going to do my best to enjoy lots of coffee, reading, my children, a nice long nap and at least one glass of wine! Tomorrow will be the first day of the normally crazy life I live and love. I'll share more on that crazy life later but for now, I am forcing myself to live in the present and enjoy the day. 

So far today I have enjoyed a nice hot cup of white chocolate coffee. Its a fancy coffee my husband makes for me that is super simple to make. Its just a plain black coffee (I prefer Kona Coffee) with a tablespoon or two of white hot chocolate powder mixed into it. It's not the healthiest but it tastes so good and I am going to celebrate Sunday the way it should be. 

After my delicious cup of caffeine, I prepared the boys for Mass. It was a difficult morning to say the least. Goalie wanted to wear everything except something that looked presentable. While I was getting ready, he put on a pair of his brother's pants that were WAY TO BIG and were camouflage with a neon lime green dry fit soccer shirt. When I explained he needed to wear his "nicer" church clothes he proceeded to pout his lips and say "God loves my clothes" as he marched away. I should have known getting him dressed was not going to be easy after that. He came running back to me to show me his new outfit. The same neon lime green soccer shirt with a pair of jeans riddled with holes. All I could do was smile because I knew that Goalie was not in his normal cheery mood. I finally had to ask for Little Man's assistance with Goalie's wardrobe. He picked out an orange polo shirt with a descent pair of khaki shorts: I prefer for the boys to wear dress pants but I was willing to make the compromise today considering the mood of the morning. Thank goodness Little Man was already dressed and brushed his teeth so we could hit the road on time, even after all the fun wardrobe changes for Goalie. We have days like this ever so often. You can check out 5 Tips to Help Your ADHD Child During Mass if you struggle with similar issues. 

Apparently taking pictures made Goalie feel better so we had to take a couple. This one was his favorite. I can't wait to get Goalie new glasses. his bit the dust last week and he just looks so handsome with them.

At Mass, everyone behaved for the most part. Goalie had the wiggles towards the end and was singing EXTRA loud today but I have to say I was quite impressed with how he held his composure today. Little Man has been acting so grown up at Mass. He is quiet, prayerful and respectful the entire time. He said he is more excited about going to Mass next week because he gets to Altar Serve. My babies know how to make a mama feel proud!

God Bless!


  1. "God loves my clothes" -- Don't you just love the way their little minds work? How could you argue with what he said. I love/hate when my kids present an idea that they've thought out and to which I have no good response. :)

    1. Exactly! That's why I just smiled and walked him back to the room LOL It's probably a good thing he hasn't realized how insightful he is at times.

  2. You all are adorable :) Thanks for linking up!