Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Introducing The Zelie Group and Just Enough Info

As my friend Alicia from Sweeping Up Joy says best," St. Zelie was the mother of St. Therese the Little Flower. Somehow, simple Zelie Martin raised a Doctor of the Church. It wasn't because she was extraordinary-- quite the contrary. She seems especially ordinary from what I've read. But she had faith. She did her motherly duties with great love even in times of frustration.

Does that speak to you the way it does to me? I can't tame dragons or found a new religious order. But I can kiss boo-boos, peel oranges, and read stories. I can pray with my kids and take them to Mass. I can cultivate my garden with patience, trusting that God will help my little flowers bloom in His time.

The Zelie Group is a place to share this journey of Catholic motherhood with others who are trying to raise saints in the modern world."

I'd love to introduce you to the other members of The Zelie Group:

Kerry from Fishbowl Fortune

Alicia from Sweeping Up Joy

Kirby from Under Thy Roof

Alicia has a way with words so I borrowed this little intro from her too! "In order to get to know one another, we in the Zelie Group are beginning a weekly link up called "Just Enough Info." It's an interesting paradox that in a time when people overshare on social media (TMI!), many are struggling to fit in and connect. Perhaps it's time to start sharing JEI: Just Enough Info."

 This week we are focusing on the topic of Books. 

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1. What are you reading right now?

I am participating in a Reading Challenge so I am reading an assortment of books right now. Currently on my night stand I have The Happiness Project and the Fringe Hours. The Happiness Project is one of those books that I have started and stopped several times. I added it to my reading list because in the Reading Challenge, one of the books I am suppose to read is a book I have started but not finished before. I have not finished this book not because it is not a good read, I just get side tracked and feel like once I pick it back up I should start over because it is full of great information. The Fringe Hours is more like a self evaluating journal and book rolled into one. There is writing and places to self evaluate yourself and your relationships. I really need to learn how to organize my time a little better and create time for me and my husband. This book is meant to help you see your time in a different perspective and teach you how to find time for yourself.

I am also reading two Kindle books. One is called Just Breathe and the other is Invisible Wounds: Hope While you are Hurting. I promised to read and review Just Breathe for the author. Sorry it has taken me awhile Elle! I am really enjoying the story of Just Breathe and can't wait to share my thoughts more when I have finished. The other I chose because I struggle with PTSD, anxiety and depression. I have a complicated story that I won't discuss here but you can check out My Cross: Surviving Domestic Violence. Invisible Wounds are things that we all deal with but sometimes reading about how other people overcome and deal with these wounds is highly motivational and empowering to me.

2. Which of your kids books do you wish would magically disappear?

Oh man! My boys have a never ending collection of books, it's crazy! I think my least favorite book that they own is called It's Hard to be Five. The story within the book is actually quite catchy and I actually do love the illustrations. I love children books with the flowing rhyming sentences like this one. The reason I wish I could make this book disappear is because Goalie likes to use this catchy phrase when being told to complete activities. For example:

I asked Goalie to put away his clothes last night and I received a great big pouty face and a long "Oohhhh moooommm.... Why?" I explained that everyone has chores and they might not always be fun but we still need to complete them. In return, Goalie violently grabbed his clean "under-roos" as he calls them knocking down his brother's pile of clean clothes as he marched away proclaiming "It's hard to be five!" This is one of many fun tales that I could share, because according to the book and my son, "It is the HARDEST to be five."He will only be five until October, maybe I can suggest the book no longer has a purpose in the house at that point? Maybe.. we will see but I won't hold my breath! I am sure you all have a similar book in your household that causes havoc. 

3. What was your favorite book when you were little?

Even as a child, I had a great love for reading. I don't think I can narrow down one particular book but I can definitely chose a series! The Boxcar Children! I read every book in the Boxcar Children series. All the stories in the series are mystery based and allows young readers to be introduced to a family of children that are orphaned. One of my favorite aspects of the books was that the children had such close relationships and each mystery that they solved was a missing piece to figuring out about their family and each other.

I was blessed to have parents that wanted to encourage me to continue reading so they signed me up for one of of the Boxcar Children Book Clubs. I would receive a book or two each month along with little trinkets. I would beg my parents to check the mail at the beginning of each month so I could rip open my Book Club packages. I don't think they offer book clubs like that anymore unfortunately, but there are many resources for parents, teachers and homeschoolers who love this series too.

Please Join us and Link Up with your answers to this week's questions all about books:

1. What are you reading right now?

2. Which of your kids books do you wish would magically disappear?

or Which of your kids books have you made magically disappear?

3. What was your favorite book when you were little

or If you wrote a book what would the title or genre be?

Next Week's Just Enough Information questions all about back-to-school:

1. What is your best school memory from your childhood?

2. Do you have any back-to-school family traditions?

3. Markers or colored pencils?

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  1. Haha! Love the "It's hard to be five" story. Isn't it funny how they figure out just how to use the things they learn to their advantage. :)

    My oldest daughter has been devouring the Boxcar Children books. They are catchy!

    1. Goalie is the best at utilizing things to his advantage. It's funny how different children can be LOL There was a Boxcar Children Movie that was on Netflix my boys watched but my oldest didn't get into it. He really likes the "I Survived" series. Also thanks for sharing the link for Invisible Wounds the other day! I was recommended to read it by a friend and was so excited to see the special.