Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Babylon: Daniel's Courage in Captivity {Day 2}

 Today was the second day of VBS. Little Man had another amazing day with great stories and crafts.  It is so adorable to listen to him sing the songs he learned on the car ride home. I am pretty sure he makes up most of the words since he is still learning them but it makes it even more cute.

Crafts today included creating a stamp and picture from your unique stamp and a collar decorated rhinestones. It looks like the stamp was made my using a plastic lid from a peanut butter or mayonnaise jar that had foam cut out stickers on the top. The stamp was brought home with Little Man but when I tried to clean the ink off the stickers fell off as well. I had to throw away the wet project while no one was looking. The stamp craft seems like something that would be a great way to decorate handmade cards or scrapbook and I will be trying them out sometime too!

Here are the pictures of Little Man's prized artwork that will adorn the refrigerator until August. A color page of Daniel in Babylon to the left and his stamp artwork created from his homemade stamp to the right. I noticed today  that there is the cutest lion backdrop for people to take pictures with at Little Man's classroom. I didn't have my camera on me today but you better believe I will get a picture of Little Man with the lion tomorrow! Maybe even a picture of Squishy... I don't know if he will be tall enough but its worth a try!

Little Man wearing his decorated collar
Does anyone have any fun ideas to incorporate in Summer Learning? I have found a Book Adventure by the Sylvan Learning Center and The Summer Faith Adventure by Holy Heroes. We completed the Lenten Adventure with Holy Heroes for the first time this past Lent and it was an awesome experience for the whole family! I think I am just as excited as the kids about the Summer Adventure starting. This is our first time participating in the Book Adventure but Little Man is having fun creating a book list and reading some of the books we all ready own to get more reading points. I would really like to try a few more programs out if anyone has any suggestions... I would greatly appreciate it!

Time to make some coffee and get started on some cleaning and preparations for the Feast of Saint Anthony of Padua tomorrow. If you are looking for some quick ideas check out Catholic Cuisine! They have some wonderful recipes... some of which I will be trying out tomorrow! Pain Perdue (Lost Bread) and possibly the Multitude of Fish Trail Mix.... God Bless!

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