Saturday, September 10, 2016

{SQT}: The Great Things to Come

This week has been a complete blur. I have been fighting with my allergies or something and it has completely kicked my butt! So I thought I would save everyone from hearing how I didn't really complete much of anything... just started or halfway completed things. I think we all have a week or two like that every once in awhile. Instead I thought I would share about some of the fun new things that we will be diving into over the next few weeks because I need the motivation and looking to what the week ahead seems way more interesting and exciting than the mess of a week I muddled through this past week. 


We are starting CCD tomorrow! This will be my second time volunteering as a Catechist in my older son's classroom as well. I am so looking forward to tomorrow. It will be the official start to a new week and I can wrap up all the "unfinished business" of last week with a clean slate. Little Man will be altar serving at the 8AM Mass as well so we will be up bright and early, ready to tackle the day.


I will be starting another Vegan for a Week Challenge Monday! I like challenging myself to be in a healthier lifestyle and I think I need the increase of nutrients from the fruits and veggies to help heal my body from whatever this "sickness" I'm fighting is doing to me. I also like to limit the type of food I am consuming as an offering to God. I do this with a grateful heart and will offer up the times I find this challenge difficult up to God for my sins and the sins of my family. Saint Rose of Lima gave up eating meat completely in honor of God. Please join me if you like!


Goalie will be starting a new group therapy session starting in a week or two. The Group is called the Dino School Group (so cute!). The group will consist of children that deal with developmental delays and other challenges like ADHD and SPD. Goalie is so excited to be around other boys and girls that understand how hard it is to be a child with delays in a regular classroom setting. I am excited to see how this will help Goalie control his anger, sadness and other behaviors that he struggles to contain. 


We will be going on a small trip to Kansas to visit with my family and celebrate my cousin Serina's wedding. When I lived in Florida, it was nearly impossible to see my dad's side of the family because the distance was so far, travel isn't cheap and taking time off work, school and other activities is difficult. Being closer to then geographically has been great! We were able to go visit for two days back in January and we will have another two days to celebrate this upcoming weekend. 


One of the few things I can say I can check off my to-do list from this week is I ordered the boys' Halloween costumes. We decided to all dress up as characters from Star Wars. The boys are all ready thinking of what Saints they would like to be for All Saints Day too. My boys love to dress up so these are two of their favorite memories to create during the Autumn season. The picture above is one of my favorites when Little Man dressed as Saint Dominic. I know its still over a month away but what are you doing for Halloween? All Saints Day? 


We are all ready discussing what winter activity to put the boys in for the winter. In Florida there were outdoor sports all year long but here in Colorado they don't offer any outdoor sport due to the cold weather. Goalie was in karate last year so we contemplating picking it back up. It did wonders for his discipline and he actually had several other friends from his Disability Preschool class that attended the same Dojo. Little Man has been asking us about Cub Scouts. I have no experience with Cub Scouts so I sent out an email to the Pack he would be joining to get some basic information. I would really like to get them in a Blue Knights group but I don't think we have any near us. As of right now, I have no clue what we will decide or if the boys will be doing separate activities again. 


We finally got a new couch that the entire family can sit on! I had to share because it has been the highlight of the entire week for the whole family. It takes up most of the living room but it is super comfy and already decorated for Autumn. 

I am so excited about all the great things to come. Please pray I kick whatever it is my body is fighting because I would love to be able to breathe properly at mass and CCD tomorrow and maybe even get a little extra sleep so I am not so tired throughout the day! 

God Bless!


  1. Love the couch!
    Have fun on your trip.
    Good luck with the meatless fooding.

    Nice work getting the costumes figured out! Last year our then 5 yo kept changing her mind even the day of trick or treating. You can guess the caliber of costume she ended up wearing. :)

    1. Thank you! I am really enjoying the couch :)
      First day down of no meat and I am surviving so far lol. I am glad I knocked off the costumes from the to-do list. My boys change their minds to so I keep their old costumes so the rule is they can switch to something we already own if they decide against their new costumes. They have yet to use an old one! HAHA