Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#WorthRevisit: 10 Quotes to Motivate and Inspire Everyday {Plus Free Printable}

This week on #WorthRevisit with Theology is a Verb and Reconciled to You I thought I would share some Motivation. There really isn't enough of that given in this world and I thought with last week's celebration of Saint Padre Pio, the free printable with one of his most famous quotes would be a great share this week!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

10 Quotes to Motivate and Inspire Everyday {Plus Free Printable}

Whether you are a stay at home or working husband/wife, house work is never really fun. It can often times be a thankless job that can feel redundant and pointless. I will wash the clothes or dishes today to only have double the amount to wash the next day. The boys bathroom is forever covered in toothpaste, toilet paper and other questionable things. My husband will leave his gym bag and work papers scattered across his trail from the doorway to the bedroom. Don't think that I don't contribute to the mess as well. I am also guilty of leaving my gym clothes, books and shoes scattered as well. I also am guilty of throwing clean clothes in a pile on a chair and leaving them for a day...or two or folding clothes and leaving them stacked sky high because I can't bring myself to put them away.

I also am the only one who cooks. My husband puts in many hours at work and I am home more so it is one of my daily chores. Sometimes I really don't feel like cooking but we don't have the option of ordering out (too much money for this frugal family and my boys would burn the house down) Over the past few months I have been trying to reevaluate the negative attitude I have towards these everyday activities. God made us all special and he wants us to be happy and feel accomplished in our lives. I have found that my negativity is dragging me down. It makes my life seem so much more difficult than it truly is and it keeps me blind to seeing the many blessings I have been given. During my soul searching, I came across these quotes that really stirred my desire to be the best homemaker I can be.

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."
--Mother Teresa

When I hear this I think about all the chores I do throughout my day. I may not be doing something that will change the world but completing those duties does matter to my family. I can prepare my family a dinner and do it with a joyful heart because that is what God wants of me. It is the job he has blessed me to do; to provide for my family and I want my family to feel my love through my actions as well as my words. 

"Jesus, help me to simplify my life by learning what You want me to be - and becoming that person."
--Saint Thérese of Lisieux

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire!"
--Saint Catherine of Siena

Both of these quotes ask the question: Who were you meant to be? I think I am still answering that question but I do know that I am a mother and a wife. If I am being the best mother and wife I can be, I will set the world on fire. The important thing is learning how to be what I was meant to be and accept it wholeheartedly. When you fight against who you are, you are fighting against God and his great plans for you.

"I am not capable of doing big things, but I want to do everything, even the smallest things, for the greater glory of God."
--Saint Dominic Savio

Washing dishes and folding laundry sometimes seem like big things but in this context if I am doing the dishes and laundry for God, it makes the task seem not big enough. If you were asked to do something for God, you would do it to the very best of your ability. This is how I want to tackle all my chores for the greater glory of God.

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies."
--Mother Teresa

Progress is made with baby steps but as long as you are moving forward you have progress. Faith is a constant stream that flows through all aspects of your life, including the tedious tasks of housework, grocery shopping and other activities that fill our everyday lives. We should allow our faith to grow with us in our everyday lives.

"The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for all that He, in his goodness, send to us day after day."
--Saint Gianna Molla

I think this is my favorite quote. It is simple in it's message but reminds us that God knows what we will come against everyday. He loves us and blesses us everyday. Sometimes those blessing are noticeable, others have to be recognized by faith. 

"I know well that the greater and more beautiful the work is, the more terrible will be the storms that rage against it."
--Saint Faustina

"The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness."
--Pope Benedict XVI

We are warriors of Christ. In our daily lives we are called to be faithful servants and followers. He never said it would be easy, but it will be worth it. We should not live our lives in search of comforts but how we can be useful in God's plan. Both of these quotes remind us that our lives are special gifts and we will have to fight for them along the way.

"The future starts today, not tomorrow."
--Saint Pope John Paul the Great

Don't put off your responsibilities until tomorrow, complete them today. You never know what God has planned for your life but he wants you to be successful and happy. Roll with the punches and trust that you are where you are suppose to be in life, in your family and accomplishments. 

"Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you."
--Saint Augustine

Prayer is our connection to God and being prayerful during our entire day is important and powerful. The comparison of prayer to our work is a strong statement. Imagine how important your work really is, if it is being compared to the importance of prayer and that should motivate you to work hard consistently. 

Here is a free printable if you need a cute little reminder to keep smiling and praying through your daily routines and it will bring you closer to God and a happier life. Click on the link or the picture and it will take you to Dropbox so you can download and use the printable for your personal use. What do you use for inspiration during your day? 

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  1. I love this. My sister and I were just talking about this today in a slightly different context. I went with her to her prison ministry and we were discussing the "little way" that the incarcerated ladies can bring joy to their fellow inmates. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I am glad these were motivational to you! It is something I have to work on everyday. Being optimistic can be difficult but all of our jobs are important and mean so much to many different people!
      God Bless!

  2. I really love these quotes, and they couldn't come at a better time! While waiting for my daughter to finish her independent math work, this helps remind me why I do what I do, even if it is sometimes a thankless job. But then again, it's not thankless to everyone. God sees the work that we all do, and by offering it up and doing it joyfully, we will not only be closer to God, but begin to enjoy the work that we do.

    1. Thank you! I find all of these very inspiring and help me push through the difficult parts of my day. I believe everything we accomplish in life should bring us joy! Thank you for commenting :)