Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Preparing for Holy Week and Easter

I can not believe that Lent is almost over! I have so many fun crafts and activities to prepare for the next week but it is really exciting getting closer to Easter! I know these plans are very vague but I will elaborate in upcoming posts, I am using this more to organize my thoughts and to take any suggestions anyone may have on these topics

Palm Sunday:
Cover all Religious items with purple cloth for Passion week
Bake Oatmeal date cookies
Make a hand print palm branch
Start our Holy Week Road
Make a caterpillar
Palm Sundaes for dessert
Light candle on table

Holy Thursday:
Easter Break begins
Buy or make hot cross buns for Good Friday's breakfast
Read story of the Last Supper
Create 3D Last Supper Craft
Lenten Dinner
Washing of feet

Good Friday:
Remember today is a day of fasting
Hot cross buns for breakfast
Carry our wooden crosses all day
Make Resurrection Eggs
Make Resurrection Sets
Stations of the Cross
Blow out candle at 3PM
Watch the Animated Passion with the children and Veggie Tales Jonah
Place caterpillar in cocoon

Holy Saturday:
No light or fire today
Make Easter Candles
Decorate Easter Eggs
Prepare Easter Baskets
Hang Easter Egg Calendar
Replace beans from Sacrifice Jar with Jelly Beans
Remove caterpillar from bag and replace with a butterfly

Easter Sunday:
Easter Sunday Mass
Celebrate with Easter baskets
Egg Hunt
"Find" and Hang the Alleluia Banner
Bake Resurrection Rolls
Color Resurrection Banners
Easter Feast

I would love any other suggestions to make this a very memorable Easter Celebration for my family so please, tell me about your family traditions and way to celebrate the holiest day of the year!

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