Monday, October 24, 2016

Seven Best Animated Halloween Movies for Your Family

Last week I shared Seven Ways to Have a Very Catholic Halloween and I am still feeling inspired by the Autumn crisp air to share my seven favorite Halloween movies to watch every year with my family for this week's Seven Quick Takes. This list is not the only list of Halloween movies we get into each year but I figured the animated movies might be the most family friendly.

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The Halloween Tree is a movie from my childhood. I would watch this movie with my brother and sister every year during the Halloween season and a few times throughout the year. I think what I like most about this animated movie is that it explains the origins of certain Halloween ideas. Witches, skeletons, monsters and mummies are all used as decorations and costume ideas during Halloween but why? This movie explains the history in a kid friendly and eye captivating story. If you enjoy the movie, you should even take a chance on the The Halloween Tree book! There are a few variations from the movie to the book but both are favorites in my house. 


Is there anyone who hasn't seen this amazingly classic movie?! I am absolutely in LOVE with all the Charlie Brown tales but this one is my second favorite (A Charlie Brown Christmas is my ultimate favorite!) This was the first year my children were able to watch this movie with me and they fell in love with it too. At the pumpkin patch Goalie kept searching for "the Great Pumpkin" and even after choosing a pumpkin to carve wanted to stay in the pumpkin patch. Adorable! 


Honestly, I get a little afraid of some of the Tim Burton films but this one I really enjoy. This has been a family tradition to watch this movie around Halloween for the past several years because while we lived in Florida, we spent the Halloween season with a family that LOVED Tim Burton films and they watched them year round but especially during the month of October because their son couldn't get enough of the intriguing tales. My boys followed suit and always request this classic movie.


Dr. Seuss had an amazing gift of connecting to children through the adorable and catchy stories he shared with the world. Halloween is Grinch Night is normally run as a Halloween special on PBS or other kid-friendly TV stations. It is included in the Holiday collection of Dr. Seuss and Green Eggs and Ham and Other Stories. I remember watching this cartoon as a child and I still enjoy watching it to this day. Dr. Seuss will always be a part of my families life because he was just an amazing writer and knew how to share a good story. 


Disney has always been a pot lock of extraordinary movies to share with your family. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad is no different! I was lucky enough to get this movie to share with my boys for another first Halloween movie screening this year. It is always so entertaining to watch your children go from moving a mile a minute to being completely enthralled into a movie. I remember watching this film and being afraid of the headless horseman. Apparently my children are way more brave than me because they weren't afraid at all and watched this movie twice in one night!


This is a more recent film and I love that they just came out with Hotel Transylvania 2. I really enjoy the perception in the film that the monsters are afraid of humans. The backward twist I think makes the scary things of Halloween to become no scare at all. This is a catchy movie so be ready to hear the kids singing songs and dancing while watching this film. 

Goalie is addicted to anything Curious George and we have probably watched this movie daily since September! The music, the animation and the beautifully written story are perfect for a family movie night! Little Man likes to pretend he doesn't like to watch this movie but he will even ask his younger brother if he wants to watch this film constantly. Check out the story of No-Noggin the Scarecrow and watch how Curious George enjoys the season of Halloween in the country with the Man in the Yellow Hat. You won't be disappointed!

I created a Colorado Autumn Bucket List several months ago and I had to include Halloween movies. This is just a small list of the movies we have enjoyed as a family this year and I hope that you are able to enjoy these and many more with your families while there is that crisp chill in the air so you can snuggle in some blankets, enjoy some hot cider and buttery tasting popcorn!

God Bless!

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