Sunday, July 31, 2016

Christmas in July Celebration

Does the hot rainy weather of the summer ever make you miss the cool crisp winter air of Christmas? I LOVE the Christmas season. The music, food, smells, movies and sweaters! It has become tradition in our household to have a Christmas in July Celebration to help us all beat the heat and get into the Christmas spirit!

We started the day out at Mass. It was Little Man's first time altar serving at our new parish. He did amazing and I love how prayerful he looks. Goalie really wants to be an altar server but he is too young and I am afraid that his ADHD will inhibit him from doing altar server duties for awhile. Checkout 5 Tips to Help Your ADHD Child During Mass.

I am linking this at My Sunday Best at A Blog For My Mom.

After Mass, we headed to the pool! It is still summer time and it is hot outside. We have been experiencing rain quite often in the afternoon so we decided to head out early. It was a little too chilly for me to jump in the water but the boys had a great time.

While I prepare our yummy Christmas Feast, the boys will be able to read some Christmas books, color  and learn about Saint Nicholas all while listening to Christmas music. I think that the music is my favorite, honestly I could listen to Christmas music all year long.

Checkout the St. Nicholas Center, they celebrate Christmas in July too.

This year I decided (last minute) to keep our celebration pretty simple. I made a Christmas Pork Roast and Christmas Cookies!

Here are some more classic Christmas foods you can enjoy with a summertime twist for a Christmas in July Celebration! I have done all of these at one time or another but I just did not have time to incorporate them this year.

Smithfield Pecan Praline Spiral Sliced Ham
You can purchase this at any large grocery store chain. It's wrapped in a bright blue colored foil too! What I love about this ham is it is packed with a pecan praline sauce that is more summery and gives the ham amazing flavor.

Christmas Watermelon
Slice your watermelon into medium slices and use christmas cookie cutters to cut the watermelon.

Frozen Hot Chocolate (1 serving)
6 fluid ounces vanilla coffee creamer (I use creamer made with almond milk)
1/2 cup hot cocoa mix (2 packets)
1/2-2 cups ice
whipped cream (optional)
cinnamon sticks (optional)
shaved chocolate (optional)
sprinkles (optional)

Pour Creamer into the blender. Add cocoa mix and ice with the creamer. Blend until ice is crushed and drink is at a slushy consistency. Don't be afraid to add a splash of peppermint extract while you are blending if you like peppermint cocoa. Pour into a mug or glass and garnish with whipped cream, cinnamon sticks and sprinkle with shaved chocolate and/or sprinkles if you wish. Enjoy!
**This can be made into an adult beverage if you add 2 oz of Baileys and/or Peppermint Liquor**

So last minute I did make some frozen hot chocolate! We will end the day with a Christmas Movie Marathon that will include the classics! Polar Express, A Christmas Story, Silent Night and A Christmas Carol. My most favorite Christmas movies are White Christmas and It's A Wonderful Life. I force my hubby to watch them with me quite often.

A Movie Marathon would not be complete without popcorn and frozen hot chocolate for the boys and a nice big glass of wine for me and my husband. Now to be patient... just another 5 months until the real Christmas season begins. I am sharing this at Talk it Up Thursday.

Children's Prayer to Saint Nicholas:

God Our Father we pray,
That through the intercession of St. Nicholas,You will protect our children.Keep them safe from harm,And help them grow,And become worthy of Your sight.
To keep their Faith in You,
And to keep alive their joy,
In Your creation.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.
Give them strength,


St. Nicholas, pray for us!


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely! That frozen hot chocolate recipe looks yummy. :)

    1. Thank you! I love chocolate and it was super yummy. I use cream instead of milk because it makes it so much more smooth and creamy to drink!

  2. We have been running around, jamming to Christmas carols for the better part of two weeks, so I chuckled when I read this post. Apparently we aren't the only ones!

    I am looking forward to trying the frozen "hot chocolate" - it sounds delightful, but then again, I am a sucker for some coffee creamer with a little bit of coffee added. :-D

    1. I love that! My boys have been watching Christmas movies all month and singing too! Christmas is such a happy time, who wouldn't want to celebrate it all year?! The Frozen hot chocolate is my favorite...I have added coffee to it too lol Thanks for dropping by and commenting!
      God Bless!

  3. What a fun celebration! I was *this close* to buying sugar cookie dough to let the kids decorate cookies the other day - I totally should have made it into a "Christmas in July" celebration!

    1. I actually made our cookies from cake mix! I didn't realize I was out of flour so I used the cake mix, a splash of vanilla extract, 2 eggs and 1/2 cup of melted coconut oil to make ours. Its still summer so you could do a Summertime Christmas ;)

  4. The Christmas season is the best time of year with all of the fun activities. Having a Christmas in July sounds so much fun because I love the warm weather in July. So combining the two would make for great memories with your kids! Thanks for linking to Talk It Up Thursday

    1. Yes, I agree! Next year I am hoping to plan a Christmas in July Pool Party and have an outdoor picnic. Thanks for the great link up and dropping by to comment :)
      God Bless!