Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer Time Check Up!

Today we are almost to the very end of July and I thought it would be a great time to do a Summer Time Check Up! It's about halfway through the summer and I can't wait to see where everyone stands on the bucket lists and goals you have set for yourselves and your family. I have to admit I am disappointed we have visited the apartment pool more than anything else this summer. Just felt nice to be home and not travel a ton. We have been reading a ton and utilizing a lot of our money saving experiences like the $1 movies, parks and gym.

Cinemark Summer Movie Club:


We bought season passes so we can enjoy this amazing zoo year round! There are Halloween, Christmas and other events that we are really excited to check out.


Strawberry Moon Night Hike:

Birthday Pie Fight:

Little Man and my husband share the same birthday month so to celebrate we had a huge pie fight! My husband had his face pushed into the cake first then we took the "pie fight" outside and threw cool whip everywhere. It was a really great family memory.

Aga Splash Park:


*Missed this completely so we will have to wait until next year* 

Manitou Springs Cliff Dwelling 

Manitou Springs Incline 

Miramont Castle 

Cave of the Winds 


Arkansas River Rafting Trip 

Camping Trip

Visit a Lake

OH MAN! That is a LONG list! At least some of these activities are in close vicinity to each other so I can hopefully knock out several in one day. If not, we will get to it eventually. I realized that my aspirations for the summer were quite large to say the least! We have had an amazing summer so far and I'm sure it will continue to be great until school starts. This week we will be celebrating Christmas in July and several other fun feasts. I have already begun working on our Fall Bucket List too! How has your summer been so far? 

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