Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to Prepare for a Holy Advent Series: Part 4

This is my final post in my Advent Series. If you missed out on any of the previous posts, I included links to this posts below. To finish off the series, I compiled an Advent Bucket List and some Christmas Shopping Guides! These are activities that you may already do but maybe you'll get some ideas for some more family traditions during the Advent season. I have them divided into each week of Advent and are broad options but I will be sharing how my family celebrates specifically throughout the Advent season so make sure to come back and see what we are up to and please share your family's traditions too! I was hoping to have this posted yesterday but you still have plenty of time today to finish preparing and starting your Advent celebrations!

I shared a simple and healthier recipe for Christmas Pudding on my Menu Plan Monday Post if you are looking for a quick and easy family recipe. Make sure to have everyone stir up the pudding together and make a wish!

Do you have favorite holiday movies? I've suggested a few throughout this series but there are so many great films to share as a family during this time.

Remember to send Christmas cheer to your friends and family! Send Christmas cards or bless someone during this week. It's time to Rejoice that Christmas is almost here!

This is the culmination of Advent! Finish your cooking, cleaning and preparations because after this you have Twelve Days to celebrate the Christmas season! Begin to plan your Twelfth Night Party and all your other fun Christmas activities.

Christmas Shopping Guides:

This season is a season to bring joy to friends, families and strangers. A time to evangelize and show the world what being Catholic is all about. Gifts for our loved ones has become a tradition to help spread love and gratitude so in honor of this tradition i have compiled some amazing Christmas Shopping Guides!

If you have a gift guide you would like added please contact me with your link. Well that's the end of my Advent series. I will be looking forward to see how everyone starts their celebrations today! We had our traditional Welcome Advent and Welcome Back Buddy the Elf Breakfast this morning but I'll be sharing more about that later today. I am keeping all of your families in my prayers during this holy season. Use the next four weeks to prepare for Jesus!

God Bless!


  1. This is such a great article, so many good ideas!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you are able to enjoy some of these activities with your family!