Saturday, November 12, 2016

{SQT}: The Feast of Saint Martin of Tours and Veterans' Day

Friday was both the feast day of Saint Martin of Tours and Veterans' Day. One really neat thing about these two celebrations coinciding with each other is that Saint Martin was also a soldier. He is the patron saint of soldiers and winemakers. It is said that as a young soldier, Martin encountered a beggar in Amiens. The beggar was unclothed and it was freezing outside. Martin removed his cloak and with his sword, cut it in half. He gave this half to the beggar and dressed himself in what was left. That night, Martin had a dream in which Jesus appeared to him. Jesus spoke to him saying, "Martin, a mere catechumen has clothed me." This dream changed Saint Martin and he ended up leaving his military service to do other good works. The goose became a symbol of Saint Martin of Tours because of a legend that when he was attempting to avoid being ordained bishop. It is said that he had hidden in a goose pen, where he was found because of the loud cackling of the geese. It is also a custom to enjoy a white wine, which is prominent in the areas he lived.

Today is a day to celebrate our soldiers that have gone away to keep us safe. Veterans' Day is often confused with Memorial Day, which is a day to honor those who have lost their lives. You can checkout my post about Memorial Day called In Honor and learn about some friends and family we have lost along the way.

I thought it would be nice and honorable to share about some special Veterans that I have in my life during my Seven Quick Takes. I am from an Air Force family and was raised to have a love for God and Country. We live in an area near the Army and Air Force and the boys school even hosted a Red, White and Blue Day so the boys wore their 4th of July shirts they made. A special day indeed.


My husband is always the one trying to be funny and make people laugh. He served a couple tours while in the Army. I think that he misses the Army at times, the friends you make while in service are truly lifelong friends. We were not married during his time with the Army but he contributes it with making him the man he is today. He is my number one Veteran for obvious reasons. Thank you for being you, I love you always!


My dad served 28 years in the Air Force and was deployed more times than I can count. Most of my childhood he was away and we didn't have a real relationship until I became an adult. My dad is such a special man and he has such faith in God that he often says that it is either through his mother's prayers or God's desire for him to live another day that he survived all the deployments he has gone through. Thank you for everything you sacrificed for us Dad!


My sister-in-law was in the Navy. In fact, her and all her siblings served in different military branches for at least one term. This is a picture of her with my beautiful mother-in-law. We love you sis and thank you for your service!


My father-in-law was also in the Air Force for over 20 years like my dad. I have not had the pleasure of asking him much about his experience but I know he was deployed quite often and is the reason his children all decided to join the armed forces as well. He is truly an inspirational man and my children are so glad to have him as their Grandpa. We love and miss you Grandpa and Grandma!


My cousin Mark Jr. was in the Army, like my husband. I really love this picture of him with my Uncle. I am so proud to be in a family that has heard the call to offer protection to their country and dedicate themselves to a higher cause. Love and miss you both!


My beautiful cousin Angie's husband is in the Army as well. We didn't have the pleasure of living close to each other but I always love the big family get togethers where we have seen each other. They have a beautiful family and they are always on the move, as most military families are. We love you guys!


My brother-in-law, Raymond, is in the Navy too. We keep him and his family in our prayers always.

This is not a complete list of Veterans we know. Or even a complete list of Veterans within our family. That list would be extremely long. But I want to make sure that all Veterans know that we appreciate all that they have done and the sacrifices they have made. Although my children are still very young, my oldest son has often stated that he wants to join the Army. I do not know what God has planned for my children but I am so proud that I am raising children that respect the Flag, our Country and the Veterans and their families. Thank you again to all the Veterans out there! May God bless you and your families immensely!

Prayer to St. Martin of Tours:

Blessed saint, You were born under pagan ways but since your childhood you were chosen to be a Prince of the Church and , as Bishop of Tours, many souls were redeemed and liberated from the satanic forces through your prayers, austerities and blessings.
We humbly ask for your intercession before Our Lord Jesus Christ because we want to be worthy of the grace and mercy of the Holy Spirit that lead us from darkness to light into the eternal kingdom, for ever and ever. 

St. Martin of Tours, Pray for us!


  1. What a beautiful list! Thank you to all our veterans for sacrificing so much so that we can live the free life we do.