Saturday, November 19, 2016

Seven Affordable Advent Gift Essentials

There is not much time to get ready for Advent! It's only about a week away. I thought that I would share seven gifts that I think could highly benefit your family during the Advent season. Advent is a time to focus on family and a great season to get everyone excited about their faith. I have already shared 2 parts of a 4 part series I am writing up on Advent and will be including more gift option ideas in those posts but for now here are Seven Quick Takes on affordable Advent gift essentials. All the items listed are under $10, so give yourself the gift of an amazing Advent with these seven ideas. This is a post is hosted by the Zelie Group!

This post may contain affiliate links. I would make a small commission if you click the link and choose to purchase something. There is no increased cost to you and All opinions here are mine. I greatly appreciate your support!


This is a family devotional that is only 99 cents for Kindle and $1.99 to purchase the book. This would be a wonderful addition to reuse year after year. If you are looking for a way to get your family back to the reason for the season this will be your go-to resource. I am always searching for great deals and you really can't beat this one.


This is not a pre-made kit but a kit that includes EVERYTHING you would need to start some great family traditions. The box includes a recipe for gingerbread and also includes two cookie cutters- one for the sides and roof, and one for the front & back. Instructions included, from baking to assembly. Gingerbread is used to celebrate several liturgical days throughout the year, not just Advent. At only $6.99 this kit would be a great addition to your Advent, Liturgical Year and family traditions.


The story of the Nativity is the pinnacle of the Advent season. This particular movie is only $4.05! I can personally say that my children love to watch cartoons and movies that are about their faith. We actually have this movie and they have already been asking to watch it because everyone is talking about Christmas. Well, I am having them wait to enjoy this movie for one our family movie nights during Advent but it is an amazing bargain, especially for a Religious movie. 


What could be better than relaxing by the fire with this coloring book that allows you to focus on the season of Advent. This could be an individual of family activity and a great calming way to end your evening. I have already shown this book to my hubby in hopes that he will gift this to me. Just so you know, this beautiful book is only $5.95!


Advent is suppose to be a mini-Lent. Utilizing a Sacrifice Manger, also known as a Christmas Crib, will help the whole family remember to say a couple extra prayers, do some good deeds and sacrifice just a little more during the weeks leading up to the birth of baby Jesus. This particular manger is only $3 right now as an early bird special but will be $5.95 soon.  This is a 5 pack so you can share this great idea with friends and family!


A great tradition to start with your family! The Jesse Tree will help you explore the "root of Jesse" and explain stories from the Old Testament. There are many options for Jesse Trees but I thought this one was a great deal because it includes ornaments, the book that explains all about the Jesse Tree and a pattern to make your tree. It's only $8.97!


How about something that's FREE?! I saved this gem for last because it is such an amazing gift to give for Advent. Sign your children up and surprise them with amazing coloring pages, word searches, crosswords, prayers and so much more! This is a tradition in our home and my kids have been asking me everyday when their first email will arrive! 

I am a frugal mom that is always looking for a great deal and ways to save. I hope these great Advent ideas are useful to you and help you stay on budget and increase your families faith activities during this upcoming Advent season. Looking for more Advent ideas? Check out my Advent Series! Parts 3 and 4 will be posted later this week, just in time for Advent!

God Bless!

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