Monday, November 28, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: November 28- December 4

I am so excited that Advent is finally here! The amazing music, food and memories. We still have tons of leftovers and will be using them in our dinner recipes and for lunch leftovers for the rest of the week. I have been working a little extra and am slowly returning our family dinners to more healthier selections. Although it is the holidays, fitness and clean eating are extremely important! Here are my recipes for this Menu Plan Monday.

Monday: Leftover Turkey Casserole Tuesday: Pigs in a Blanket or Pizza (Daddy is cooking) Wednesday: Feast of Saint Andrew Baked Fish with Quinoa and Asparagus Thursday: Boys will Eat at Cub Scouts Meeting and Salad for me! Friday: Boys will Eat at Pack Meeting and Salad for me! Saturday: Feast of Saint Francis Xavier Xaver Suppe
Sunday: Second Sunday of Advent and Parish Faith Night
Picnic at Parish Faith Night

In honor of the festive get togethers that come with the holidays, here's a tasty recipe for sangria that is sure to please! I made this during our Thanksgiving Dinner and it was amazing! You could always omit the alcohol and make a tasty mocktail for the family too. Also, keep an eye out for another great resource that will be shared by the Zelie Group containing some Holiday Recipes that you are sure to love!

Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria

1.75ml bottle of Red Wine
2 Cups Cinnamon or Honey Whiskey
1 Cup Cranberry Juice
Cranberry Sprite
Sparking Apple Cider
1 Cup Fresh Cranberries
1 Naval Orange (Sliced)
Cinnamon Stick (Garnish)

Fill a Gallon container (or something larger) with the whole bottle of Red Wine, Whiskey, fresh cranberries and squeeze and drop orange slices into the mixture. Allow to sit overnight in the refrigerator. Add the Cranberry juice and then equal parts of the Cranberry Sprite and Sparking Apple Cider until the pitcher is full. Mix and serve in wine glasses with extra fresh cranberries, oranges and a cinnamon stick.


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